Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fin (The End)

When I started writing at in 2010, more than anything it was a place to collect my thoughts. I was often commenting about finance / property / precious metals across various forums and found myself repeating many of the same points, so the blog was a way of centralising these ideas for reference. Later as my readership increased it became a platform to share my ideas, investment decisions, opinions and research.

Looking back at some of the posts, there were many predictions made, many terribly wrong, some very right. I hope I provided interesting commentary that prompted you to think for yourself and consider the role alternative assets might play in your portfolio.

A lot of my spare time over the past couple of years has been absorbed by a startup I co-founded (not related to the topics I write about here). It's not likely that my time will free up to come back and write again in the foreseeable future.

Over the last couple of years I have posted much less regularly and at this point it has been ~9 months since my last post. I won't rule it out, but it is unlikely this site will see a resurgence of posts (even with the return of a bull market in precious metals), so I have decided at this point to retire it. I am not sure what that means just yet, I might make the entire blog private or I might unpublish posts that are irrelevant or that I disagree with today and leave up some of the timeless pieces. This will likely occur within a few weeks.

I expect to continue tweeting from @BullionBaron, so feel free to connect there. I am considering to drop the pseudonym and tweet under my real name sometime soon.

A contrarian might be inclined to see the site closure as a sign of a bottom in precious metals. Let's hope that might be the case ;)

Bullion Baron