Monday, April 3, 2017

Perth Mint 2017 1oz Silver Swan (Mintage: 25,000)

If you are looking to buy some silver, here is a new coin for your consideration. I received an email this morning from Bullion Money, which read:
We're excited to unveil an exclusive product within Australia, The 1 oz Swan Silver coin minted by Perth Mint Australia. A maximum mintage of only 25,000 coins with a fraction of this quantity available in Australia. The Coin features a new swan design on the obverse with the queens head on the reverse similar to other Perth Mint legal tender coins.  Get yours now before they are all gone!
The very low mintage on this coin caught my eye. Low mintage Perth Mint silver bullion coins often attract a premium over the medium to long term, sometimes even over the short term. A great example was the 2014 1oz Silver Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle Coin. I wrote about these on release when they were only $7 over spot and recommended them as a coin to buy, they quickly sold out. Spot price of silver fell lower in the months that followed, but the value of these coins rose with demand. Today spot price is around the same as when this coin went on sale, but the coin sells (on ebay) for around $50-70, a premium of around $27-47 over spot.

This new 'Silver Swan' coin has half the mintage of the above mentioned coin. It has an iconic bird which has featured in the Perth Mint logo. APMEX write:
The Swan is an iconic species that is so synonymous with the Perth Mint itself that it even appears in the Mint’s logo. The Perth Mint’s operations are situated in the heart of Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia. Founded in 1829 on the shores of the Swan River, the original colony in the territory was in fact called Swan River Colony, the location of which is now Perth.
Bullion Money's product page mentioned this will have a varying design (unlike the Wedge-Tailed Eagle which has seen some years repeating a design):
New from the Perth Mint is this limited mintage Silver bullion coin with a unique Swan design! The Silver Swan coin has a limited mintage of 25,000 coins made of .9999 fine Silver. This coin is the first in what's expected to be an annual series of 1 oz limited mintage Silver Swan bullion coins with designs varying each year, much like the heralded Koala and Kookaburra coin series from Perth.
In summary the Perth Mint 2017 1oz Silver Swan Coins:
  • Have a (VERY) low mintage (for a bullion coin)
  • Sport an aesthetically pleasing design (swan, iconic to Perth Mint)
  • Are housed in individual capsules
  • Have a quality finish
  • Are produced by world renowned Perth Mint 
  • Come with legal tender status
  • And are priced as bullion coins on release
I don't expect these coins to last the week at Bullion Money (if a day or two) and I put my money where my mouth is, having placed a substantial order for the coins. If you are interested, then you can purchase the coin (in Australia) at Bullion Money on this page.

Image Courtesy of Bullion Money on Instagram
Note: Bullion Money is a site sponsor, however adverts are funded through a fixed monthly sponsorship, not pay per click or for writing sponsored content. The above post was written immediately following receipt of their email notification (received by all customers) and having purchased some of the coins for myself, seeing them as a worthwhile investment.

[Edit] At the time of posting this article (and making a purchase) the coins were available for spot +$7 for 100+ coins at Bullion Money. Prices appear to have been revised throughout the day.


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