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Perth Mint Dragon and Phoenix 2017 1oz Silver Coin

I have another coin recommendation for readers' consideration. That is the: 

Perth Mint Dragon and Phoenix 2017 1oz Silver Bullion Coin


I posted a thread about this coin a number of days ago on Silver Stackers to get some market feedback as I thought the coin had a lot of potential. With a mintage of only 50,000 and only 5,000 of those being sold directly from Australia, it reminded me a great deal of the 2014 Wedge-Tailed Silver Eagle Coin I had recommended on this site a couple of years ago (which has increased in value substantially despite spot price having moved little since).

Interest was strong with a number of members expressing they would like to purchase 100 or more coins, so I don't expect the 5,000 being sold through Australian distributors of the coin to last long.

The Perth Mint gave an indication on their blog that it is a 'one off' however I was contacted by the company who commissioned the coin (LPM) and they advised to expect different coin 'types' with the same design, such as a high relief and/or gold version. The coin was conceptualised and designed over two years before release. Design approvals for a 2018 coin are in the pipeline, meaning this is intended as the first coin in a series (which in my view adds to it's collectability), described by the LPM contact as being 'Chinese based with international appeal'.

Dragon and phoenix have been represented together on a number of coins in the past. When I asked in the Silver Stackers thread about the significance / symbolism I received the following response from one member:
In China, dragon and phoenix are also symbols for marriage harmony.

Traditionally, the groom wears a red suit with dragon pattern on it, and the bride wears a red dress with phoenix pattern.

Dragon is also the symbol of the Emperor and phoenix is the symbol of his wife being the Queen.
Perth Mint said the following on their blog:
The dragon has supreme status in Chinese mythology as the greatest divine force on Earth. The Phoenix is regarded as an immortal bird whose rare appearance foreshadows harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor.

In Feng Shui, the dragon and phoenix are perfect matches for one another. The phoenix is ‘yin’ while the dragon is ‘yang’ in the Chinese philosophical account of natural balance and interdependence. Their portrayal together is a widely recognized symbol of everlasting love.
The coin designer was Tom Vaughan who also designed the 2014 Year of the Horse Gold and Silver Coins for Perth Mint and the 2017 Year of the Rooster Silver Coin (along with many others). In my opinion the coin design looks great, though I wonder whether it would have looked better with the creatures head to tail, instead of head to head and also perhaps smaller on the coin, so the design looks less 'busy'. Also I'm not a fan of the 'cartoon like' eyes on the dragon. Nit picking aside, I am sold and think it is worth buying if you can purchase for less than $10-11 over spot (and have bought some myself).

The phoenix and dragon have been represented on a number of Chinese coins and medals in the past including this coin from 1990:

And this recent beauty from the Nanjing Mint (photo via Chinese Medals):

This medal is very nice with a fantastic design and high relief finish, however is minted in very low numbers and is much more expensive and difficult to source, so I see it belonging to a different market to the Perth Mint coin.

The Perth Mint Dragon and Phoenix 2017 1oz Silver Coins can be purchased (at present) from:


I understand that Modern Coin Mart is the exclusive distributor in the North American Market, so you can probably expect to see these appearing soon in slabbed / graded form.

Those who follow my bullion coin recommendations will see they are often a hot product which sell out quickly, so best to move fast and avoid disappointment if you have an interest in purchasing for release prices. For those who missed out on the Monkey King Coin which I recommended previously (they have since sold out at Perth Bullion and APMEX), these can still be purchased at LPM for a great price (currently 'on sale').


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