Monday, December 1, 2014

Gold & Silver On Sale - Cyber Monday Deals

Looks like the result (strong rejection) from the Swiss Gold Initiative proposal is showing up in the Gold price this morning. I don't think the result is unexpected. As Bron Suchecki wrote last week, there were some conditions attached to the proposal which were not palatable. Down she goes (continued weakness expected while Gold remains below US$1180)...

For those wanting to try and catch a falling knife and take advantage of some low dealer premiums, there are some great deals out for Australian precious metals buyers with dealers listing some 'Cyber Monday' bargains... you will need to be quick to make a decision on these as most deals will be limited (in quantity) and will likely be pulled end of day if not sold out sooner.

Site sponsor Bullion Money has some great deals posted already, including:

1oz 2015 Kookaburra Silver Coins for less than $5 over spot (premium this low usually reserved for large orders, but can buy as few as you like for this price).

There are some 1/4oz Gold coins on special too, keep an eye on the clearance specials page for all items on special and any others that may be posted throughout the day.

Other dealers who are offering Cyber Monday deals include Gold Stackers (deals live now) & Perth Bullion (deals yet to be posted).

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