Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bullion Baron's 2014 Kangaroo 1 Gram Silver Card

Update: Earlier postage issues should now be resolved with shipping to Australia around US$6-15, the cards themselves only cost a few dollars each, please consider making a purchase with any of my profits being donated to charity (RMHC).


I’m excited to share with readers a new silver product that has been created in collaboration between Free Silver Card (FSC) & Bullion Baron. Pictured below is the 2014 Kangaroo 1 Gram Silver Card (click the image to visit the sale page):

Bullion Baron's 2014 Kangaroo 1 Gram Silver Card 

“LIMITED TO ONLY 250, Hand-Numbered Cards! - Each card is embedded with One Gram, .999 Fine Silver. The art is original, and each card has a hologram security code. Priced to be competitive with fractional silver from major retailers, yet easier to handle, store, and keep clean. These cards are officially-licensed and proceeds from the sale of each card go to”

The maximum mintage is only 250 pieces with only 80% of that left remaining through the FSC site at the time of this post.

As you can see the design incorporates styling cues from my site (font colours & Bullion Baron caricature) along with Australian themed images including the Australian flag (background) and the Kangaroo. 

Why an Australian theme? 

For those who don’t know, I’m Australian born & raised. I live in Adelaide (usually gets blank stares when I tell people I meet overseas, but it’s the capital of South Australia). This card is the first of its kind from FSC in that sense, that is, in collaboration with someone from Australia. 

Why a kangaroo? 

They are one of the most iconic Australian animals, having featured on the Australian Coat of Arms,  on many of our coins (circulating and non-circulating, current and historical) and on the tails of our world famous “never had a fatal crash” QANTAS aircraft. They are native to Australia and have an instantly recognisable silhouette, which is featured on this product in front of the Australian flag (distinguished by the Union Jack, Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross). 

Why buy the ‘Bullion Baron 2014 Kangaroo 1 Gram Silver Card’? 

Obviously these 1 gram silver cards are priced at a higher premium to spot than bullion bars of a larger size, but it is competitively priced compared with other 1 gram silver bars on the market. Furthermore I would put forward the following to readers:

- They have a very limited mintage (250), with only 200 available through the FSC store.

- You can buy them in bulk and save substantially on the price (buying multiple also reduces postage burden per card).

- Many of the previous offerings from FSC have sold out quickly and suspect this one may also. They may even attract a secondary market premium once sold out (no guarantees!).

- It comes with a fantastic iconic Australian design.

- You are supporting a new precious metals business (FSC) who have hit the market with an exciting & unique product.

- They would make great gifts as a cheap introduction to precious metals for friends and family (grab a dozen and give them out at Christmas time).

- If given as gifts, they also provide the receiver with a starting point (this website) for further reading on precious metals.

And finally, the FSC site says “These cards are officially-licensed and proceeds from the sale of each card go to”, but I will be donating any profits provided to me from sale of the 2014 Kangaroo 1 Gram Silver Cards to charity, specifically Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). There is a minimum number of cards (modest target) that need to be sold before I receive proceeds from any sale, so each card you buy is a contribution toward that target and my ability to pass on any of my profit to RMHC.

So in summary when buying these silver cards you are helping yourself (by acquiring a unique new product for your own enjoyment), helping me (spread the word about my site if you are giving them as gifts) and helping sick kids, with any of my profits being directed to RMHC.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can make a purchase and if you are not interested, but know someone or an online group who might be, then I’d appreciate you taking a minute to spread the word by sharing this post via email or social media.

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  1. So I go to buy a few and get:

    Shipping Method

    United States Postal Service

    Priority Mail Express International $77.45


  2. Thanks for bringing the postage issue to my attention Martin, FSC has advised that postage of 10 cards to Australia should only be around $13 via Priority Mail International, they are working with their programmer on a solution for the shopping cart software and I will put up a brief new post when the issue is sorted. Thanks for your interest in the cards. Cheers

  3. Thanks - that's much nicer for my purchase now :)