Sunday, December 1, 2013

Discount Bullion As Dealers Offer Cyber Monday Sales

For those not familiar with Cyber Monday it is a marketing term for the Monday that follows Thanksgiving & Black Friday (i.e. tomorrow). Rather than face the madness of shopping in physical stores on the Friday...

...consumers are instead encouraged to exercise their mouse clicking, typing and F5 (browser refresh) prowess.

Instead of scrambling for cheap consumer goods, you should consider sinking some hard earned dollars into wealth that won't be out dated with the introduction of next seasons fashion or out of warranty within 12 months.

Gold & Silver have seen a large drop in prices leading up to Monday, 2nd December:

So a further discount by way of lower premiums is a welcome treat. 

The following (Australian based) dealers have advised they are offering deals for Cyber Monday:

Bullion Money (site sponsor):


Gold Stackers:
City Gold Bullion:

Bullion List:

Perth Bullion Co (formerly Bullion Bourse):


Chances are the best deals will be snapped up quickly, so my advice would be to keep an eye on their home pages from tomorrow morning as the specials go live, monitor this Silver Stackers thread and also on my Twitter account where I'll try and find time to tweet some of the deals throughout the day: @BullionBaron.

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