Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gold Symposium & Perth Mint Lunar Coin Event (Aust)

For those in Australia interested in attending precious metal related events, here are a couple to consider...

The 2013 Gold Symposium is being held in Sydney over October 16th & 17th. You can visit the official site here. There are some great international speakers including Rick Rule (Sprott Global Resource Investments) and Stewart Thompson (Graceland Investment Management) and local talent includes David Evans (Gold Nerds) as well as Jordan Eliseo (ABC Bullion). The event is always chock full of mining companies so there's also the opportunity to put the hard questions to management face to face (full program here). There is only 1 day left to register for the early bird discount.

There is a review of the 2011 Gold Symposium event on my blog here.

The second event I want to bring to your attention is the Lunar Horse Coin launch (Monday 2nd September) at Perth Mint. This event is organised exclusively through the Silver Stackers forums. International or interstate parties should register their intent in this thread or those in WA see this one.

You can see a writeup on the Lunar snake event that I attended here

If you are interested in Lunar series coins, I also maintain a second blog with dedicated news on upcoming and released coins where coverage on the 2014 Lunar Horse Coins has already started (SilverLunar.com).

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend either event this year, but they are both well worth checking out.

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  1. Hmmm...I might try and attend the Sydney Symposium event this year...

    BB, have you got plans to go?

  2. Won't have the time to get there this year, but will definitely be looking at going again next year.

  3. OK, no worries :)