Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grassroots Campaign For Australian Gold Repatriation!

The campaign continues to gather support for the repatriation of Australia's Gold from the Bank of England. 

Following on from my last post:

Australians Seek Gold Repatriation "Bring Home Our Gold"

Gino, creator of the online petition (to be provided to an Senator for presentation to the Australian Senate, please sign it!) has published the below video explaining the importance of our Gold reserves.

A German Bear meets an Australian Bear and discuss the global currency wars and the importance of national gold reserves. Watch the video and if you would like to have the 80 Tonnes of Australian Gold returned from the Bank of England then sign the petition at: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/aussiegold

It's a bit of a throwback to the "Silver Bears" videos that were circulating a couple of years ago for those who remember.

Thanks goes to those who have helped spread the word by linking or embedding yesterdays press release:

And thanks to any I've missed (I'm relying on Scribd's stats which don't seem very complete). Thanks to the efforts of all individuals who have shared the press release or petition link through social media and other methods.

I am disappointed with the lack of Australian media coverage so far (I forwarded the press release to most of the major news outlets and many more smaller sites too), but they may pick up on the campaign if it spreads far enough. Those who were around 2 years back may remember the GetUp petition that I started in support of the "Don't Buy Now!" campaign by Prosper Australia. The petition became so popular that it dwarfed all others on the site and they ended up having to change the way campaign ideas were displayed to knock the "Don't Buy Now!" campaign off the list (was changed from most popular campaign ideas to "hot" ideas which didn't include the one I'd started). Read more in this post.

The 'Don't Buy Now' campaign on GetUp took a couple of weeks to gain enough momentum for mainstream media coverage, so don't give up hope. With almost 300 voted so far, we can build on this and gain momentum if many hands are prepared to make light work... and I note already that the Return Aussie Gold petition has made the top 6 "hot petitions" at Petition Buzz (displayed on home page):

And you can see from the petitions that surround it that there is potential, it is competing with petitions that have thousands or tens of thousands of votes!

Let's keep the heat on, get the number of signatures up and increase the liklihood of larger coverage, making it more likely the politicians will take it seriously.

Here are some ideas to spread the message:

1. Share or like this meme picture on Facebook. Gold isn't the only national treasure England is holding hostage (be sure to include the link to the online petition when sharing!):

2. Email your favourite bullion dealers and ask them to put a message of support on their home page.

3. Email, phone or write to your local Members of Parliament advising them of the Gold being stored in England and that we want it back on our soil. A template for this may be forthcoming.

4. Make sure you have signed the petition yourself!

If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments. But remember many hands make light work, so if it's something you can do yourself please put in the effort first and then share your techniques!

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  1. I forwarded it on to one person, but then realized PetitionBuzz didn't look that serious a site eg with the other petitions they had on there, so I baulked from sending it further.

    Can you get any more credibility for the site? If this one fails to get the numbers, then a more serious site may work. One way or another the swell is building.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. In part I agree and I raised the same concerns with the person who started the petition and this was their feedback:

      "PetitionBuzz had the easiest to use interface, was the fastest loading, were the most responsive to my enquiries, and provided direct access and control over the petition and its signatures (necessary for actual presentation). Every other site seemed to retain control over the petition and signatures as if it were their property. I even started the petition on Avaaz actually, but discovered its failings and then relocated."

      The other risk with some sites is you don't know who is behind them (vested interests, political parties), so as I found out with GetUp they in fact took action to subdue interest in the campaign I started on the site and eventually locked it down so couldn't be found...

      The numbers are building!

    2. Thanks for that extra info. And I certainly hope the numbers build here, because I was disappointed that the US petition didn't get the required number of signatures (and now they have hiked the numbers MUCH higher so any new attempt would need mass media behind it.)

      It certainly was easier to 'sign' this petition than the US one.

  2. The credibility of the video vanished when they stated our deficit came from the stimulus. That is not true. So what else is not true?

    1. I don't recall that particular line (do you remember where in the video it is so can re-listen?), but the stimulus packages introduced by the government contributed to the deficit (but are not the sole cause).

  3. We now in Australia may have our own 'Helicopter Ben' with this amazing quote from Assistant Governor Guy
    Debelle of the Reserve Bank...
    “there is no limit on
    our ability to supply Australian dollars… We have
    more Australian dollars than anyone else in the
    world because we can print them”.

    This is attributed to Guy, BUT I can't find the quote in the written version of the speech. Did he ad lib, was it in the Q&A (as speculated here (http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2013/02/the-rbas-broken-jawbone/), or did the written version get edited?

    Either way, they can print the money - and they buy the gold with it!

  4. "Helicopter Guy" already has the Australian TARP set to go... Buy gold and silver. Whee! This investing stuff is easy!


    1. Will certainly be interesting to see what measures the RBA pulls out of it's hat when push comes to shove and our banks are under pressure. It's not different here.