Monday, August 6, 2012

Silver 10oz NTR Bars & 1oz NTR Buffalo Rounds

Site sponsor Bullion Money is now offering a couple of low premium Silver products that I would recommend if you are looking to purchase Silver in the current price dip:

They are not the most attractive bars (I have some myself), but for around $2 over spot per ounce when buying in bulk they offer a low premium that has in the past been largely unavailable to the Australian public (for 10oz bars, premiums for many others are in the $3-4 per oz range). They come in plastic sheets which protects the bars (from scratches) when stored in bulk.

These 1oz Silver Buffalo Rounds are a bargain for only a little more than $2 over spot per coin (when bought in bulk, higher premiums for smaller purchases). Again an excellent low premium addition to the stack. I don't have any of these rounds yet, but will definitely be considering them when making my next Silver purchase.

Bron Suchecki recently had an interview where he discussed the potential for retail demand to put a strain on production bottlenecks and force up premiums for retail level products when inevitable shortages occur (follow up Q&A can be found on Bron's blog here).

In my opinion the low premium NTR products would offer an excellent way to take advantage of a situation like that if it arose. In bulk you are paying only around 8-10% premium over spot for these 1oz and 10oz products, but I could easily see a situation where these premiums double or more in the case that supply of retail sized Silver products becomes tight.

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