Monday, August 27, 2012

Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Coins - Kookaburra, Lunar Snake, Koala & Kangaroo

For coverage of the 2013 Lunar Snake release, see a more detailed breakdown of posts on Silver Lunar:

The Perth Mint has releases details of their 2013 Bullion Series Coins, here are the Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Coin Release Dates:

3rd September 2012:
2013 Australian Lunar – Year of the Snake Gold Bullion Coin Series
2013 Australian Lunar – Year of the Snake Silver Bullion Coin Series
2013 Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin Series

1st October 2012:
2013 Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin Series

5th November 2012:
2013 Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coin Series

The above bullion coins will be released in various sizes and mintage limits.

The Lunar Series Gold & Silver Bullion Series Coins (Year of the Snake) will come with the usual 30,000 limit for 1oz Gold coins and 300,000 limit for 1oz Silver, although as pointed out on my blog they have used Privy Marks to work around these imposed mintage limits. The other sizes (1/2oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz) are unlimited in mintage, but production ends at the end of the year they are dated (2013), except for the kilo bullion Snake which can be produced until the Series 2 Lunar Coin set is finished later this decade.

The Kookaburra Series Bullion Coins are minted in various sizes, the 1oz coin is limited to 1,000,000 this year, where in 2011/2012 it was limited to 500,000 and 1990-2010 it was limited to 300,000 coins. Earlier this year to the dismay of collectors who weren't aware of Perth Mint's ability to do so, they started re-minting previous years up to their set limit, I covered this on the blog here. While you can continue to buy this earlier years (which have mintage less than a third of the 2013 coin) it would make more sense to be buying these while they are available.

The Koala Series Bullion Coin is unlimited in mintage, but can only be produced up to the end of the year it's dated, so once they've announced the final mintage for the year you know it won't change. Earlier years have started attracting a premium due to the low number minted, but 2011 saw sales go mental (as covered on the blog here). Sticking with the lower mintage Lunar & Kookaburra coins while they are available seems like a smarter move than buying the 1oz 2013 Koala whose mintage won't be known until after the end of 2013.

Personally I would prefer to see the Perth Mint innovate rather than increase the mintage (either through Privy Mark coins or increasing Kookaburra mintage where they are able to revise the number annually) of the current well loved series. Why not a Silver bullion version of the Kangaroo?

Here are images of the above coins (click image to enlarge):

Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Silver Kookaburra Coins Full Set
Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Silver Lunar Snake Coins Full Set
Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Gold Lunar Snake Coins Full Set
Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Gold Kangaroo Coins Full Set
Perth Mint 2013 Bullion Series Silver Koala Coins Full Set

Finally, after a couple of dud years they have a koala that looks ok on a coin! In fact I quite like all the designs.

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  1. The (lack of) number of comments on both PM's homepage as well as general discussions on the web on 2013 lunar's launch page tells me there's no need to be at PM's front gate on launch day at the crack of dawn.

    In comparison, the discussions on the web by this time of the year last year (launch of dragon) was so heated and full of anticipation. Apart from the regulars, no one elsewhere seemed to care this year. I think they got stung. Why rush for 300,000 when 200,000 (read lesser) will follow.

    1. Good point anon. Except for those looking to make a full set of the Lunar coins for a collection, why rush when the privy coins will come later with likely lower mintage...

      I was at the launch today in Perth, Ron Currie mentioned 1.2m expressions of interest for the 300k bullion Silver dragon, so there is still heavy demand and they will likely sellout quickly, but if I recall correctly the Silver Dragon had expressions of interest for 4.5m coins... obviously they still stick with their 300k mintage, but this provides an idea of demand comparison wise.

    2. Anon, I've been coming to the same conclusion. While the one ounce bullion coins are selling at a fairly decent pace, it's nothing like last year's crazed stampede. Likewise, the non-one ounce bullion coins are definitely not selling anywhere close to the speeds of last year.

      It's actually kind of a shame because I like the snake coins quite a bit. There may also be an element of "dragon burnout" as well.

      It'll be interesting to see how the snake proofs do today, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are much easier to acquire than last year's.

  2. Thanks for your replies BB and Cpt.Overkill.

    Problem with PM last was year it (original bullion dragon) was a good thing and the thing with good thing is you have got to know when to stop. Sadly, in their case, they did not.

    I was at PM's front gate at 8.30am for the launch of the dragon. The crowd was friendly and the experience was great. No big deal I booked 2 hours off from work.

    They threw in coloured sets, different coloured types for different capital cities' shows, then the privy (BB did an excellent write up on that and I share his views and disappointment).

    This year, I chose to go to work. This year, I did not buy a single snake.

    I am disappointed. There is noting special in it going forward.

    1. I tend to agree Perth Mint is destroying some of the uniqueness of the Lunar Series with the new coins they keep pumping out. I had started collecting the ANDA show coins from previous years, such as the Monkey from 2004 & Pig from 2007, but not they've ruined this limited series by pumping out coins for other cities in an apparent dump of coloured Dragon coins (perhaps left over from poor 9 coin set sales?)... and we had the privy destroying the bullion version of the coin. They had better tread carefully IMO as they really could do some damage if they continue down this path.