Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Perth Mint 1oz Silver Koala Coin Sales Go Mental

This included updates on multiple Gold and Silver series coins (click any of the links below to view the spreadsheets):

One of the biggest shocks when looking through the data was the large increase in sales of 1oz Silver Koala Coins (in 2011), see the below table of sales since the series started in 2007:

1oz Bullion Silver Koala Coin 2007
1oz Bullion Silver Koala Coin 2008
1oz Bullion Silver Koala Coin 2009
1oz Bullion Silver Koala Coin 2010
1oz Bullion Silver Koala Coin 2011

Some other notable increases in sales were also apparent:

1/2oz Silver Koala Coin increased from 13,315 in 2010 to 76,755 in 2011
10oz Silver Kookaburra Coin increased from 18,782 in 2010 to 45,901 in 2011
1/2oz Silver Lunar Coin increased from 50,035 in 2010 to 124,488 in 2011

Perth Mint had already pointed out heavy demand for the 2012 Koala coin earlier in the year (the below from an email to customers):
"The 2012 Australian Koala is satisfying pent up demand for silver bullion coins from The Perth Mint.
Launched in early January, the iconic investor coins are available in 1 kilo, 10oz, 1oz and 1/2oz sizes.
In just two weeks, investors have ordered more than 170,000oz of pure silver in 1oz sized Koala coins alone!"
So there's a good chance that this years Koala sales may even surpass the large number minted last year. Could we hit 1 million 1oz Koala coins in 2012? 

If demand for the Koala's continues then picking up some of the earlier years which have much lower mintages might prove a good option with the potential for the premiums to continue increasing as the larger pool of buyers for the new designs seek to complete their Koala collection.

It's worth noting that while the Koala has no mintage limit, they are only produced to the close of each year:
Explanation of "mint to order" = No mintage limit applies to these coins for 12 months. However, production will close at the end of (each year) and The Perth Mint will declare each coin's official mintage.
So there is no opportunity for the Perth Mint to go back and start minting new coins again like they are doing with the 1oz Kookaburra coins which haven't met their limit, see this previous post of mine for further details...

If you're looking to purchase some 2012 Silver Koala coins then Bullion Baron site sponsor Bullion Money offers them for competitive prices (Click Here). Can't say I'm really a fan of the Koala designs for 2011 and 2012, but each to their own!

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  1. i was expecting ~1 million mintage for 2012. since it has been taken by 2011, then ~2 million mintage is more appropriate. lol

    1. I would be surprised to see 2 million Koalas in 2012 to be honest (my guess is 1-1.2m). Have to keep in mind as well that we've had other 1oz coins produced this year that weren't last year (such as 200,000 Privy Dragon coins)...

  2. Although the production numbers have quadrupled if you step back a bit I think even the new production figures are tiny in the grand scheme of things. A million coins sounds like a a lot of but people can buy 500 coins at a time without thinking about it. 1 million coins is only 2,000 people doing that.

    Australia has 24 million people and the world 7 billion. Given the concerns with the financial system out there and the protection physical precious metals offer I'm suprised the number of 1oz perth mint coins issued isn't much much higher.

    1. Hey markymak

      A million koalas is not that many when you compare it to other global coin mintages such as the American Silver Eagle which saw 40m coins minted in 2011 and the Canadian Maple which I believe clocked around 20m.

      It is a large number for Perth Mint however.

      The suspension of 1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz Dragons from September last year through to just recently shows they struggle to meet demand, so if they had the capacity to mint more coins then the numbers probably would be higher!

  3. Baron,

    Any idea what's caused the koalas specifically to surge? Is it just the cheapest and most readily available silver bullion coin from Perth?

    Also, I find it interesting that koala sales are continuing to surge while US bullion coin sales are slumping:

    Could China be scarfing up the koalas?

    1. Once the mintage limited 1oz coins are sold out (Lunar/Kookaburra) it is the only 1oz bullion coin left that Perth Mint sells (hence the unlimited mintage for the 12 months they produce each year). I just think there has been a general pickup in interest for Perth Mint products which has over flowed into the Koalas with nothing else left on offer.

      Not sure about China, but given the two European privy bullion coins this year (Bear on Koala coin, Lion on Dragon coin) I would suggest that is the source for some heavy demand at the moment.

      Keep in mind though that 1-2 million coins is still miniscule in comparison to the American Silver Eagle mintages (around 40m last year).