Thursday, March 1, 2012

Posts on new blog [Summary]

I have been posting quite regularly on Silver Lunar for those who haven't been following the new blog. It's almost solely about Gold and Silver Lunar coins, so may not be of interest to all readers here, but this is a brief summary of some of the recently covered content:

Blog posts about the forthcoming (and now released) Perth Mint 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin:

A post about the forthcoming Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Series Coins (will be released later this year, likely in September):

This post may be of interest which was on the difference between speculating on and collecting coins:

And here are a few more recent posts:

Make sure you've registered your email address separately for the Silver Lunar site (if that's your preferred method of notification) as it's a different mailing list:



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  1. Great work on the Lunar site BB.

    Well, you are doing a great job on this site as well.