Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buying 2012 Chinese Silver/Gold Panda Coins

I recently wrote about the release of the 2012 Chinese Panda Coin designs:

These coins in the past have been relatively difficult to buy bulk of in Australia, but that is changing with Bullion Money now offering these coins via their online bullion store.

Click either of the below photos to be taken to the respective product page (or here for Silver Pandas, here for Gold Pandas):

Some regular readers would be aware that I have been fairly critical of the Pandas in the past. They are certainly not my first choice for purchase as a bullion coin, however recent actions from the Perth Mint, which I detailed in this post 'Are Perth Mint damaging their reputation?' are closing the gap between the Australian and Chinese mints. Having seen Panda coins in the flesh I can tell you they are a great looking coin. You do need to make sure you purchase them from a reputable dealer though (avoid eBay unless you know what you're doing).

The mintages for the above two coins are currently:

1 oz Gold, 500 Yuan, mintage 600,000
1 oz Silver, 10 Yuan, mintage 8,000,000

Although the PBoC has been known to increase the mintage part way through the year if demand has warranted it.

The Panda coins are trading on Bullion Money like their other bullion coins (tied to movements in the spot price) so for the first time I've seen (in Australia) Panda collectors and stackers will be able to buy the dip a lot more easily.


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