Thursday, March 1, 2012

1/2oz, 2oz, 5oz Silver Lunar Dragons: Bullion Money

I previously posted about the suspension of these coins in this post and then followed up on my new Lunar blog (Silver Lunar) in this post.

It is very unusual for the Perth Mint to set limited allocations for distributors on an unlimited mintage coin so it still remains unknown whether these will be minted ongoing following this limited re-release.

In my opinion if you want Silver Lunar Dragons in these sizes then it would be safest to act now as there is no guarantee these will be available after this allocation has sold out and indications are the allocations aren't very big.

Bullion Money has them available on their site, but not sure how long that will last (I've placed an order first thing this morning once I saw they were listed):


Perth Mint 2012 Silver Lunar Dragon 5oz Coin [CLICK FOR PRODUCT PAGE]

The drop overnight in Silver was also a nice bonus for those buying today.

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  1. On an unrelated topic, the High Relief dragon, the design has not been released yet (so no one has it) but I've read lots of comments on blogs saying they'd set their alarms, won't sleep in case the alarm wouldn't go off etc etc.

    Doesn't this sound like mania?

    This is worse than buying off the plan!

  2. Given the Perth Mint's likely limit of 1 coin per customer most won't be able to do much damage with their purchases anyway, so if it drops to $80 from $100 then they are out $20, big deal...

    The word from dealers who have seen the coin is that it's very attractive, I guess we only have 12 hours or so until we find out.

    Those most at risk of getting burned on such a sought after coin is those buying after market once the Perth Mint has sold out (e.g. like those who bought the 1oz bullion dragons for up to $150 and more per coin in the few days after its release before it dropped back to $100 and now around $55).

  3. I wonder if will those shops who tried / did sell it for $150 each, citing "because that was what it was on ebay" ever get back their customers now.

    Just wondering.

  4. P/S: Not like they could not find any, I was referring to those who had rolls and rolls of the thing.

  5. I would suggest they hurt their business by gouging this way. Most know who the worst culprits were.