Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gold and Silver Buyer's Guide (Australia)

There is an abundance of information on the internet about Gold, Silver and how to buy it, but I noticed a real lack of local (Australian) information. There is a lot of the subject matter covered on Silver Stackers (a Gold/Silver focused forum with predominately Australian user base), but much is spread across random threads. So I wrote a guide to try and consolidate the information to help Australians navigate the basics to buying physical Gold and Silver.

Some of the local information in the guide that is important (but not covered on international sites) includes information on tax (GST/CGT), Australia Post's insurance policies on bullion, how the local spot price works, ID requirements and even ASX listed alternatives to physical.

Rather than try and post the information in a single blog post I've created a whole new site, which you can view here (you can navigate the site using the buttons at the top or links on the left hand side of the page):

I welcome any suggestions/feedback (positive or constructive) which you can direct to or post a comment below.


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