Monday, January 23, 2012

Buy Silver / Gold: Eagles, Philharmonics & Maples

Bullion Money has expanded their range of bullion Gold and Silver coins. They've had 1 ounce American Silver Eagles listed on the website as well as Silver Mexican Libertads for sometime, but have now added Silver Austrian Philharmonics and Canadian Maples. The Austrian Philharmonic is probably my favourite bullion coin (of those that don’t change design annually), the design looks stunning in the flesh.

They also have the Perth Mint 2012 Silver 1 ounce Koala listed (an Australian unlimited mintage bullion coin from Perth Mint, which is the only 1oz bullion coin available from Perth Mint now that the Lunar and Kookaburra coins are sold out, until the release of the 2013 coin series later this year).

On top of this they are now also stocking the 2012 American Gold Eagle 1oz coin, this complementing their current offering of the 2012 Kangaroo Nugget 1oz Gold coin (Perth Mint) and various fractional lunar Gold coins such as the 1/10oz 2012 Gold Lunar Dragon.

The pricing on all the above coins is very competitive at Bullion Money, it wasn’t so long ago that buying some of these coins in bulk meant purchasing from an overseas dealer and importing them (which starts to become as hassle with customs if buying over $1000 worth), so it’s good to now have the convenience of a local dealer providing these foreign bullion coins for a good price.


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