Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~ Beautiful ~ PAMP Icon 10g Gold & Silver Pendants

Bullion Baron site sponsor Bullion Money is now selling a range of Gold and Silver PAMP Icon 10g Bar Pendants, which come with a satin cord that can be used to turn it into a necklace.
Here is a picture of the front of the pendant along with the included pouch, satin cord and packaging:

Click the image to be taken to the Bullion Money website

The rear of the coins are stamped with an animal skin pattern with Cobra, Leopard, Stingray & Crocodile available in the Silver (there is also a Zebra design, not currently listed on Bullion Money):


Bullion Money has also listed two of the Gold PAMP Icon Pendant designs (Cobra & Leopard):

Click the image to be taken to the Bullion Money website

I love that Gold Cobra design. I think I've just worked out what I'm buying myself for Christmas!

These bars aren't particularly new, I think they've been around for a couple of years, but I haven't seen another Australian bullion dealer selling them. View more information on the pendants here at Bullion Money.



  1. What's the dimension on this thing? kind of nice to put on my wife's hand bag.

  2. The dimensions are listed at Bullion Money as:

    Gold: Size: 23.3 × 14 mm
    Silver: Size: 31 × 18 mm

  3. There's only one hole ... how do you wear it ?

  4. I would assume that it hangs on an angle with the cord through the one hole.