Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TV Show 'Gold Rush Alaska' Season 2 Starts

There was a new series that premiered last year called 'Gold Rush Alaska', the second season has just started airing.

It's basically a reality TV show about a group of down on their luck men who band together with the last of their dollars in an all or nothing effort to get a Gold mining operation started at Porcupine Creek in Alaska.

The show is extremely cheesy. I imagine most of the action is staged. While a few snippets of interesting information hit watchers, it's not particularly education. It is however still a lot of fun to watch. I've just started watching the second series, here is the trailer:

One of the men who started with them in the first season, but who left part way through after friction between some of the guys was Jimmy Dorsey. Jimmy has his own blog which provides some interesting insight and a look at how things happened behind the scenes (The Glory Hole Blog).

You can find out more about the show and watch some clips on the official website here (Link).

It will be interesting to see just how well everything pans out for them this season given the bombshell about Porcupine Creek that we just got in the first episode of season 2...


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  1. Thanks for mentioning this show. Ive watched 3 eps of S2 and have really enjoyed it, my 8 yr old daughter is into it as well..!
    Im sure theres a lot of staging but its still very interesting to watch, an insight into the world of the gold miner.

  2. Yes I'd imagine there is a fair bit of staging, but as long as you start watching with an open mind I find it doesn't really detract!