Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Perth Mint Lunar Dragon Coins Released

For those who weren't aware there are a few new Perth Mint Lunar Dragon coins being released today (click pictures below to enlarge):

2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Proof Rectangular Four-Coin Set

2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Coloured Proof Coins

Baby Dragon - 2011 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin

They all have a relatively low mintage. I can't really say any of the designs appeal to me personally. I will be giving these new releases a miss, but if you are interested then if you click through to the Perth Mint Website using the below link to make your purchase it supports this site (affiliate link):

The coins are not listed yet on the site, but should be up later this morning. If this release is like most others then demand will likely be very strong and we might see the Perth Mint website crashing again in which case I would suggest giving them a call to place your order.

You can see my previous posts on the Lunar Dragons by clicking on this link which does a search of the Lunar tags (Click).

Happy collecting, investing, stacking and saving!  


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