Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Domain Name Speculation, Think Outside The Box

Over the past few months I have been trying to think outside the box, coming up with non conventional ideas to capitalise from the precious metals bull market.

They say that you have to spend money to make money and a couple of the ideas I have would take a large amount of capital, they will require some careful planning and research before implementation. Then there are other ideas which aren’t expensive and are very accessible even to those with a small budget.

Speculating or squatting on domain names (Wikipedia Entry) is not a new activity, but it’s not something I’ve seen talked about specifically relating to the precious metals market. I think this bull market (and potential shift to hard assets by mainstream investors) has the potential to provide some unique opportunities and flipping snappy, relevant domain names could be one way of profiting.

What's the cost? The domains I’ve registered (.com names) cost me only $7.50 each for 1 years registration.

What's the potential gain? A sought after domain name can easily fetch $1000-2000 and there have been examples where prices fetched have been astronomical, for example this recent sale which netted the highest ever for a address:
The record for the most expensive domain name was broken today after the owner of let the name expire and it was snapped up at auction for $125,000. SMH
And there are examples of single word .com domains selling for millions.

If you were to buy 130 domains for $7.50 each (1 year registration) you would potentially only have to land one good sale to make back your original capital ($1000).

What's the potential loss? You may find that the domain names you pick are not sought after over the time you hold them which would result in total loss of spent dollars (assuming you don't develop the domains yourself).

Let's face it, you (or I) probably aren't going to make big dollars with flipping domains, but the potential is there and with plenty of relevant word combinations available I'm still going to give it a solid go. 

I have registered around 80 .com domains over the past couple of months and I’m on the lookout for more. A couple of examples I've recently registered are:


You do have to be careful about the names you choose, there are regulations in place that specify you can't infringe on the trademark of another company. For example I wouldn’t like your chances of registering and using APMEXBULLION.COM. Even though the domain is available, it would likely be considered too closely tied to the dealer: APMEX.COM.

If you're after a kick start on names to search you could grab some relevant terms from here (CMI Glossary) and run them through this site: Bust A Name, entering in several key words and then see what combinations are still available.



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  1. Ah yes, but how do you market/sell them to find that $1000 domain name? That is the real question?

  2. You could try doing so through online domain auction sites like sedo or flippa.

    But if the metals reach the heights that I suspect and it brings the mainstream onboard then I think there will be plenty of opportunities to sell through other normal free classified sites, etc.