Monday, November 21, 2011

2012 Perth Mint Kookaburra has sold out!

Back on November 1st I pointed out that the 2012 Perth Mint 1oz Silver Kookaburra would be a sell out:

Well it didn't take long at all.

This news is already a week old, but Perth Mint has confirmed the full 500,000 coin mintage has been ordered:
No more orders for the 2012 Australian Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coin will be taken by The Perth Mint.
We have received orders for the full mintage of 500,000 coins and once they are shipped we will be in a position to declare it a sell out. Perth Mint Blog
This is an impressive result given that the 2011 Kookaburra didn't sell out until May this year (e.g. the 2012 has sold out in around 2.5 months, the 2011 with the same mintage took around 8.5 months):
The Perth Mint has reported two more sell-outs from the Australian Silver Bullion Coin Program.
The 2011 1oz Australian Kookaburra has sold its total mintage of 500,000, while the 2008 1oz Australian Lunar Mouse has reached its 300,000 mintage limit.
Introduced in 1990, the 1oz Kookaburra was traditionally restricted to 300,000 coins annually. But the Mint’s decision to increase the mintage for the first time in 20 years has been vindicated with the full half-million coins sold in eight months. Perth Mint Blog
There are still a few dealers selling these for reasonable prices, so if you want a slice of this low mintage coin (for a decent price) I would suggest you don't waste time getting in an order ([EDIT 23/11 NOW SOLD OUT AT THESE TWO ALSO] Gold Stackers and Bullion Club are a couple who still have the coin listed). I have seen several other dealers sell out over the past week including Bullion Baron site sponsor Bullion Money.

Compare the mintage of the Kookaburra Silver 1oz coin (500,000) with that of other well known offerings:

2012 Chinese Silver Panda 1oz - 8,000,000 (33% increase on 2011 mintage)
2012 Canadian Silver Cougar 1oz - 1,000,000
2012 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz - 20,000,000+ (prediction, 2010 mintage 17.8m)
2012 American Silver Eagle 1oz - 35,000,000+ (prediction, 2010 mintage 34.8m)

There are other Silver bullion coins which might end up with a lower mintage than 500,000, for example the Silver Britannia (which has in the past only had a 100,000 mintage), New Zealand Mint Fiji Taku & Fern (both mintage unlimited, but suspect will come in under 500,000), the Somalia Elephant and of course the 2012 Perth Mint Lunar Dragon (with 300,000 mintage for the bullion coin, which is now selling for a hefty premium at around double spot price).

It's not all about mintage though. The Kookaburra coins feature an iconic Australian animal, they have tasteful designs which don't seem to date and are sought after by Australian and global collectors and Silver investors.

In my opinion after selling out so quickly (before we even get to the issue year!) the Perth Mint is likely to consider increasing the size of the Kookaburra mintage, assuming they have the capacity to do so. Could we see a mintage of 750,000 or even 1,000,000 in 2013? I would not be surprised.


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  1. Indeed popular - I had ordered some through Bullion Money (post your earlier article) and am still waiting on delivery - looks like they too are on the waiting list.
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Booboo. Also waiting on my order from Bullion Money. Indication was they will be shipping very soon. Other than the Lunars and Kookaburras the only other standard bullion Silver 1oz coin the Perth Mint sells is the Koala and this is an unlimited mintage so I think the rush for these coins will prove to be worthwhile, although we could see further weakness in the spot price of Silver in the short term...

  3. It appears Gold Stackers and Bullion Club are now both out of the Kooks as well...