Saturday, October 1, 2011

~ Stunning ~ PAMP Lunar Dragon Gold & Silver Bars

Please note updated post here: PAMP Lunar Dragon Bar Preorders Open

The PAMP Suisse Dragons are now available to preorder -> CLICK HERE

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Hold onto your Dragon reins... competition in the Lunar arena is about to heat up big time!

Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux (artistic, precious metals products), better known as PAMP (or PAMP Suisse) is about to go head to head with Perth Mint for the Lunar Dragon Gold and Silver market.

Meet 'The Lunar Calendar Series Dragon' bars:

PAMP will be releasing a new design each year corresponding with the Lunar animal from the Chinese calendar (much like the Perth Mint does with their Lunar Series coins).

The bars will not be arriving until November, but site sponsor Bullion Money will be taking pre-orders from this coming Tuesday so that you can lock in the price & quantity and be some of the first in line for these magnificent bars.

The bars will come in a variety of sizes, 100g, 1oz and 5g for Gold:

And in Silver they will come in 100g, 1oz and 10g sizes:

I will post an update to the blog once these are available for pre-order (update: now available -> PAMP Lunar Dragon Bar Preorders Open). No pre-orders will be cancelled or substituted, after locking in with payment you will receive delivery of the bars once they are available later this year.


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  1. I buy all my physical in similar denominations / manufacturer.

    100 oz Perth mint bars
    1kg koala when this is not available.

    Who do people start collections of such a wide range on coins, dragon pamp suisse, dragon Perth mint, lunar series etc.

    1. Is it not just more of a hassle to store/ sell a mixed collection of products?

    2. After all I am buying silver not dragons? Why pay a premium?

    Is there something I am missing?

    3. Will their premium increase or decrease silver spot was say $100

    Note: I am an investor not a coin collector.


  2. You raise some reasonable points Frank.

    I want flexibility when it comes time to sell, with the ability to sell to the public. I sold some 1kg bars earlier this year and struggled to move them, in the same environment where others were moving 10oz bars with no problem. It's my position that 100oz bars will likely be difficult to shift if spot where to rise where I think it's heading ($100+ per ounce).

    A $10,000 bar (100oz x $100oz) could be particularly difficult to shift unless selling back to a dealer.

    I won't be looking to buy any larger than 10oz Silver bars/coins in the future.

    Where I feel there is the potential for a premium to increase such as with the 1oz bullion Silver dragons I will buy up big.

    The PAMP dragons are not a set mintage to my knowledge, so likely won't obtain a numismatic premium.

    I would suspect that a mixture of collectors and investors visit the blog, so not all information will be relevant to every reader :)


  3. Thanks BB,
    For the record the Perth mint dragons look stunning, I saw them in the coin shop this week.
    You make an excellent point about the ability to "sell to the public".
    I had wonder if my denominations are too large; (100oz and 1kg);
    Admittedly this may be out of reach for some :(

    I agree on the 100oz bars point too; I had always planned to change to smaller denominations (even sell) if the price ever rose to $80.
    I would not like to be making transactions larger than $10,000 as they explicitly have to be declared and raise eyebrows.
    BB Quote:
    "Where I feel there is the potential for a premium to increase such as with the 1oz bullion Silver dragons I will buy up big”
    Why is this?
    -Is this a case of; you were to get in at their original Perth mint price and dump them during the current mania at a premium? – This is the only way I figure they will gain in value.
    -Will they really carry a comparable premium in 10years time when dozens of other silver coins like it have come out? Won’t it just be another coin that’s actually harder to sell than a plain old (but very recognisable) 2011 1oz silver koala?

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. If I had my allocation in hand when prices were $150+ an ounce for the Silver Dragon I would have offloaded most in the recent flurry of demand (died down a bit now), but mine are still on the way. I think in 10 years time it will still be a very heavily demanded coin due to the limited mintage, compare it to other global coins which have mintages of 1m+ vs 300k of Dragons...

    10 years on and the 2000 Dragon sells for a large premium, don't expect it to be any different for the 2012 Dragon, that said I expect to have sold my Silver well before 10 years.


  5. Hey BB!

    Any chance if you know if these pamp bars are available over in North America? Or is Bullion money the only one selling them?


  6. Hey Anon, I assume they will be available from other dealers once they are released. Bullion Money is the only dealer that I am aware of that is already taking preorders. They do ship internationally, but understand it may not be economical to pay for international shipping if you have places locally that can do so cheaper. Cheers, BB.

  7. Postage to usa IS BS!

  8. Hi Anon, unfortunately Australians pay more for a lot of things and postage is no exception.

    Check out this calculator:

    To ship a package (with Australia Post) to the US, even for a relatively light parcel (250g) you are looking at $60 (for a service with tracking), but then that covers you for up to a significantly larger weight. So for those interested in preordering you would probably have to be prepared to place a reasonably large sized order to make it economical. It's not going to be economical to preorder and ship a couple of ounces of these bars to the US...

  9. Can we do it without tracking to cut costs? Hopefully it will still show up.

  10. Probably that is a question best directed explicitly to Bullion Money ( Thanks.