Monday, September 26, 2011

When prices are lower you want to buy more - Schiff

Some comments from Peter Schiff in a recent interview on King World News:
The physical market is not driven by speculators, it’s real demand by people from all around the world who want to save and who don’t want to do it in currencies where the interest rates are at zero and where the printing presses are running at full speed.

I think physical buyers are going to respond to the drop in price by increasing their purchases.  That’s how the market works, when prices are lower, you want to buy more....

“It’s only the speculators that are looking to buy high and chase momentum.  Then when it goes down they look to bail out.

They (speculators) are not there to be long-term investors and as soon as the momentum goes, they are out the door.  If I liked silver last week at $40 an ounce, I’ve got to like it even more at $30 an ounce.  It’s the same silver, so if I can get it for less money, why wouldn’t I buy it?”
Certainly rings true. As the price of Silver drops I see an opportunity.

Could the price of Silver fall further short term? Of course it could, but a 25% discount on last weeks prices is nothing to be sneezed at.

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