Thursday, September 29, 2011

PAMP Suisse Gold and Silver Bars

Readers who have visited the photo gallery may be aware that I’m a fan of and own PAMP Suisse bullion bars already.


They are fantastic looking products and I have 1kg Silver bars as well as 1oz & 5 gram Gold bars. Bullion Money (Bullion Baron Sponsor) has just started offering a range of PAMP Suisse bars, which you can buy directly on their website. This is in addition to the range of Perth Mint bars and coins (including the 2012 Lunar Dragon Coins) that they already have on offer.

Their range of Gold products are as follows: 1oz, 50g, 10g, 5g and 1g Gold bars (minted in 'Certi-PAMP' casing).

The sealed packaging is very handy. They ensure the bar is kept in pristine condition. They offer security, proving authenticity and have individual serial numbers. I find them very practical, for example when travelling I always carry one of the 5 gram Gold bars in my wallet (slots in like a credit card). It is peace of mind that when travelling I have something easily exchanged should anything stop me from drawing on funds electronically (whether that stems from a crisis or technical failure).

In Silver they have available: 1oz and 10oz Silver bars (minted in 'Certi-PAMP' casing).

Bullion Money is offering these products at very competitive prices and you get a discount when ordering bulk (refer to their website for current pricing).

Best of all the Bullion Money website actively updates prices based on spot, so you can log on anytime of day or night to 'Buy the Dip' if the metals are selling off.


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  1. Pamp Suisse makes some of my favorite bullion bars. I adore the design... too bad they're so hard to get!
    Otherwise their silver costs way above spot price, so it's rather the collectors who will buy it. As investment it's way too expensive.