Monday, September 26, 2011

Coin photos from new camera (Sony DSC-HX9V)

I had a new camera delivered today, a Sony DSC-HX9V. It will be replacing a Canon G10 which has served me well (all photos in the gallery at present were taken with the G10), however the larger zoom and smaller form factor of the new model will be handy for upcoming travel plans.

I was a little worried about the macro abilities of the new camera, however it seems to do just fine!

Photos below taken with the new camera, click to enlarge:


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  1. without doubt the cameras like the G10 and your new sony are powerful and flexible image making tools. Did you look at the Panasonic G series? If you were at all tempted by the functionality of a SLR camera and the look of bigger sensor then the G3 is a good tool to start a small system around. Take a gander at my blog.

    happy travels

  2. ps: since there is not edit, and since I have multiple blogs, it would be "In My View", but here is a link to the tags "Panasonic G1"

  3. Some great shots on your blog obakesan.

    I bought the G10 initially with the view that I might learn to use the manual controls and it would be a good 'in between' model before going full DSLR, but never got around to learning to use the features properly. I enjoy taking photos, maybe one day I will learn to master the settings and upgrade to a DSLR, but for the time being I am content with something pocketable.

    I looked at the Panasonic TZ20, which is their contender in the travel zoom series, but the Sony was getting better reviews (especially for low light shots).

  4. Hey BB, thanks for the kind remarks

    I still keep and use my Nikon Coolpix 5000. Great macro, sufficient zoom (wide enough and tele enough) all in a tough single compact package.

    lot to be said for pocketable, best camera around is the one you have *with you*

    keep up the blog ... its good reading