Friday, September 2, 2011

Bullion Baron Published - Magazines

I mentioned a few months ago being published in AHA Investor. I've continued to have an article published in each issue (and two in the most recent edition).

You can read the previous articles (stories on Silver companies Cobar Consolidated Resources [ASX: CCU] and Argent Minerals [ASX: ARD]) in full on this page:

Bullion Baron Published

In the latest edition of AHA Investor (website) you can read my articles on Perth Mint 2012 Silver Dragon Coins and on Gold miner Castlemaine Goldfields (ASX: CGT). You can purchase a copy of AHA Investor in top newsagents for only $7.95 (or subscribe on their website).

AHA Investor - Current Cover

I also have an article published in the latest issue of Australian Resource and Investment (magazine).
You can register (free) and read my article in the September edition of the journal on the website -> HERE (Page 42-43 by online edition, 40-41 in physical copy). You can also subscribe to this publication on their website.

Australian Resources and Investment - Current Cover


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  1. Thanks BB.

    it's good to keep one's finger on this pulse, isn't it?

    I have a feeling you are using this sort of info to watch the bubble phases, just as I and others are, so I appreciate your selected info :).

    IMHO, this is definitely 3rd Phase stuff.

    IMO, i'm thinking we're around halfway through the 3rd phase; though, i have a feeling that the latter half of the 3rd phase has quite some time to run - probably years, as opposed to months, with many sell-offs along the way setting higher basements on the nominal price.

    Do you get the feeling there will be a number of bear traps in the next 2-5 years??

    it really depends on how long the powers that be fight deflation, don't you think? ie. once they given into it, and just try to manage the fallout (which would be very nasty), they will allow things to take their course, and accelerate how long it will take to get their fiat currencies back into shape, via raising of interest rates ...

    ...which is really what I think it is all about: fiat currencies and their treatment vs hard-money and its relative treatment; where, people will return to fiat currencies once they trust them and they are worth having again (or until the powers that be mandate against ANY alternatives - eg. gold ban, or some other major manipulation).

    What are your thoughts regrading my comments? I'd be interested to hear from you when you have a moment (or email me at


  2. I agree Stewart that we are 3rd phase. It amazes me the number of people that suggest otherwise.

    My posts are a reflection of my thoughts and attempt to ride this exciting bubble phase of the bull market. So mostly speculative in nature, although do also suggest that a core physical position is important (one that won't be sold).

    I don't think the bull market will last another 5 years, but have no doubt there will be huge volatility on the way up which will shake out a lot of investors/traders in the metal.

    My thoughts at the moment are that we perhaps head into a short term top at $2000 or maybe a few hundred over, which is around the inflation adjusted peak of the last Gold bull market (using official figures)... then perhaps a steep correction which will bring out a huge number of bull market top callers and many will exit before the real blowoff top occurs sometime in 2012/2013 at multiples of current price. Of course there are many ways it could play out (perhaps not like the above suggested).

    I do think the bull market could take shape differently depending on policy outcomes from governments and reserve banks globally. For example if we see Gold remonetised then perhaps we still get the blowoff top, but then a more subtle correction (than the one following 1980) to a sustained level maybe 20-30% under the peak price reached. If they try and fight deflation longer than expected maybe it pushes out the bubble on a longer time frame than I expect...

  3. Very interesting comments Stewart and bb. It's good to see gold commentary that is more reserved rather than gold will reach 20,000 in a few years or gold is at a top ( repeatedly each month)!