Monday, July 18, 2011

Update on Aussie Property vs Gold/Silver

I had a request on a forum I frequent to update my charts on Gold/Silver vs Australian housing and thought I would post the charts here as well. Don't have time for a lot of commentary, but you can see my previous ramblings on the topic in these two past posts:

Australian Housing Priced in Gold and Silver - Feb 16, 2011
Australian Property priced in Gold & Silver - Sept 22, 2010

Residex only has data up until May for housing (so any change in prices over June will not be reflected in the chart). For the last month in the data I used spot prices instead of the monthly average (AUD $1500/$37.50 for Gold/Silver) to show the down tick that current metals prices are causing. It's worth noting how little a difference the Silver 'crash' had on the pricing when moderated to a monthly average (the monthly average fell from around AUD$40 in April to just under $35 in May, certainly not as drastic as the daily price action we saw).

It is my opinion that the metals will continue to outperform Australian property over the medium term.



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  1. I cant wait to see what that graph looks like in a few years.

  2. nice work, glad to see it plotted

  3. Will we get back to 1:100 (House:Gold) in Australia? Given my current asset allocation (no property, heavy metals) I sure hope so! Cheers, BB.

  4. I'm in the same boat as you BB, All PM's no property, just biding my time as renting is still cheaper where I live for now.