Monday, July 11, 2011

Keeping up with the Bullion Baron

In an effort to keep this site updated with new information on a more regular basis (hopefully daily!) I will be using Twitter to provide updates on precious metal/resource related stocks that are on my watch list. I will also tweet some commentary on short term price action (stocks and metals themselves). I will also be using Twitter to link to articles that I've enjoyed and think are worth the read.

If you don't want to visit Twitter then you can read my updates through the feed I've placed near the top of the page in the column to the right (this will show my latest 10 tweets).

Just to summarise, here are your options for following my updates:

Bookmark my Website - (view Twitter feed on right)

Follow me on Twitter -!/bullionbaron (this also links new posts made on the blog)

Friend me on Facebook - (this should update from the Twitter feed)

Subscribe by Email - Use the field in the right column on this site (however this will only email through new posts to the blog, you will need to visit the site or subscribe Facebook/Twitter for all updates).


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