Sunday, March 20, 2011

Following the Bullion Baron

A couple of months ago I added a shortcut to the panel on the right hand side of the blog (toward the bottom) to make RSS subscription easier. I'm relatively new to blogging so adding features such as this was an afterthought. Today I've added an email subscription service (also to the right, near the top). You can also use the Google "Followers" service to add my feed to your Google dashboard (Reading List), the link for this is just above the RSS subscription widget.

I've had a couple of comments that the light text on dark background is a little difficult on the eyes. If you find that is the case then this feedburner site (LINK) may help (which displays the blog as black text on white background).

Hopefully these features make it easier & more accessible to follow my blog. I welcome any other suggestions to improve the site.


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