Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mexican Libertad - Such a Beautiful Coin

It's not often that I've discussed physical coins on this blog, but I had some 2010 Mexican Libertads arrive today and it's such a beautiful coin I couldn't help but share a couple of photos I took of one.



  1. That is a good looking coin BB.

    Can I suggest a future post on how to collect nusmatic in your SMSF as part of a PM allocation in your portfolio? (or have you covered this before)

    I'm considering this strategy for my SMSF, mainly because of the fun/novelty factor instead of just accumulating bars of gold/silver.

  2. Personally I'm not that knowledgeable on numismatics. Also I don't have a SMSF (though do have exposure to Gold shares via some ASX300 stocks in my Super). So probably I am not the best person to be covering such a topic!

    I do have a handful of coins that hold a small premium to the cost of generic Silver rounds (an example being the Libertad), but these are more so for my own personal enjoyment and I don't expect to make anything from them (I will likely hold some even when liquidating the rest of my precious metal portfolio).

    It is interesting that the bubble in numismatic coins followed the last precious metals bull/bubble market, rather than them being in tandem.

    Perhaps the same will happen again and the astute numismatic buyer can pick up some bargains when the precious metals bubble does eventually pop...