Sunday, September 19, 2010


Welcome to my blog!

Predominantly this will be somewhere to post my thoughts on Gold & Silver. This may include coverage of news and price action of the metals themselves as well as discussion around related Australian stocks. Sometimes I may cover other topics such as Australian housing.

To give some perspective about who I am and where I am coming from, here's a bit about myself:

I'm a 26 year old male living in Adelaide, Australia. I've had an interest in Gold & Silver for around 2.5 years. It stemmed initially from looking for an investment that was "safe" given the events of the financial crisis that I saw playing out around me.

It started with my first purchase of physical at close to the early 2008 peak (just my luck!), however later in 2008 I was presented with the buying opportunity of a lifetime and I dived in head first securing my core position in physical.

During 2008 I started talking up the metals at work and was labeled appropriately by a colleague as the "Bullion Baron", this is where the name of my blog came from.

Later in 2008 as Gold/Silver stocks were smashed I recognised that there was potential for even larger gains to be had in related mining stocks, some of which had been pushed down to LOWER than their cash backing. So I started buying/trading Gold & Silver stocks in early 2009.

Today I hold a portfolio of Gold/Silver stocks and await the next move higher in the metals.

This is my first ever blog, so if you see something that can be improved, please do let me know.

I hope you enjoy your stay, add me to your favourites and check in every now and then to have a read.




  1. Hey BullionBaron, welcome to the blogosphere!

    Found you via your link on SilverStackers to your post on the 3 pure silver plays.

    As for the blog, I do find white on black hard to read, but it's well laid out and more importantly the material is worth the effort. I was looking for the optin-box for announcements etc, but for now I'll just have to do with the bookmark.

    Look forward to much from you as this bull market continues in Australia and round the world.

    Thanks muchly, enjoy the increasing visitor count, and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the welcome Anon!

    There is a "follow" link that can be used at the top, but probably only useful if you have a Google/Blogger account.

    Glad you're enjoying the content.